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Consider These Easy DIY Projects for a New Look!

By Erik Braunitzer and courtesy of Douglas Elliman, agents for Hamptons Real Estate.

When you are on a mission to do some remodeling to your home, you may be limited by funds. That’s OK though. You can try some of the following projects that you can do yourself to freshen and update each room of your home, without having to dig deep into your wallet. Read on for ideas about easy remodeling jobs that can be done for each room of the house in just a weekend! These can give your home that fresh new look you have been wanting in no time at all.

The kitchen is usually the room where everyone wants some new ideas and looks. But keeping the kitchen functional is also important. One inexpensive way to update your kitchen is to replace the cabinets with some beautiful glass inserts. And you don’t have to do all your cabinets, either. Pick a couple cabinets that are in view the most so that you can display your best dishes and knick-knacks. And with glass inserts, the choices are very varied as to what you can pick. Look at a glass piece that goes with the décor you already have, such as a frosted piece or colored glass.

When you are looking to upgrade your dining room, one way to give the room some life is to purchase a chandelier to hang over your dining room table. Search through home supply stores to find one that fits your budget. Most stores offer small chandeliers for a very reasonable price! Often, you can find one for under $100 that will add a great deal of elegance to your dining room. If you already have one, consider upgrading it yourself to have a whole new look. A little primer and paint and voila! A “new” chandelier will wow your friends and family. Another great option is to purchase a unique large mirror to hang on a wall, which helps to brighten any room and create the illusion of a bigger space. Look through your local paper’s want ads or at local garage sales for a mirror you can buy on the cheap, and then fix it up yourself to match the décor of your room.

The bedroom is one room that is always fun to re-decorate, as you can personalize it to your (and your partners) unique tastes. One simple way to do so is to change or add to the headboard that goes behind the bed. You can choose from many options for this project, such as a padded headboard to create a soft look, and in any color or pattern that you want, or by repainting and decorating a boring headboard to match the decorations of the room. Another idea is to hang a large mirror or beautiful artwork behind your bed instead of a headboard. These ideas can cost very little and take just a short time to complete.

Need a change in the bathroom? Quickly complete this task by doing a bit of upgrading to your vanity by changing the hardware, which can be found in any home improvement store. For an even bigger change, give your vanity a new color with a DIY paint job. Take off all the hardware on the vanity first, give it a fresh new coat of paint, and then replace the old hardware with what you picked out. Your vanity will look brand new for very little money.

The living room can be spruced up by refurbishing an older model wooden trunk. Simply sand it down and re-stain it. Not only will it make a great conversation piece, you can also use it to store loose items in, such as magazines and remote controls. Change the colors of your couches by purchasing inexpensive couch covers. Check out fabrics online- you will be amazed at the variety of designs you can choose from. Add some new curtains for a fresh new look, or purchase a beautiful colored corner lamp for some extra light, as well as flair.

With just a bit of money and some time, you can easily change the décor in your home to make it look like you spent way too much on remodeling, when you actually didn’t. Now, sit back and enjoy your “new” home!

Choosing the hardwood flooring options is now easy

Of all the flooring options available to the buyers it is the hardwood flooring that turns out to be the most popular of the lot. And of the two hardwood flooring options available it is the solid hardwood flooring that is the most sought after (the other being engineered hardwood flooring). These are expensive because of the fact that they use natural ingredients i.e. the wood from only the exotic trees. Once you plan to buy the solid hardwood you can be pretty sure to get the wood from the trees like Ash, Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Maple and Oak. The rich natural colors would add a magical touch in transforming the décor of your room. If you can maintain these floors, they would continue to draw the eyes of those who visit your house.


If you plan to install the hard wood floors you can get a wide range of options to choose from the website of Armstrong. You can either choose to install the floors yourself or you can choose to take the help of the professionals. That is why when you visit the website of Armstrong you will find a link that says DIY level. You can choose the beginner, intermediate or advanced level according to your wish. You would be able to get an instant preview of the floors that you select. In case you are not happy with the look, texture or size of the floors, you can think of changing your preferences until you have found the perfect flooring option for your rooms.

Buying Garden Furniture

Wood garden furniture are great, but before going out to stores or browsing for web sites to buy some, make sure that you have a good idea on where it would have to go. While wooden garden furniture look great, you simply do not buy it because it is beautiful. Make sure that you can actually use it or it will look good together with the overall theme of your garden.


Consider where you are putting it because it will determine if you truly need it or would it simply be a clutter in your garden.


Knowing the measurement is also important to make sure that you can maximize everything inside your garden. If you are buying some wooden tables, see to it that you are able to plan it well because putting something too big or too small will not help your cause. Remember that the chairs that go with the table will also take up some spaces so better include that in the measurements.


If you are going to need umbrellas, make sure you choose the ones with lighter or neutral colors to avoid fading of shades of whatever bright color you choose.


Lastly, always consider the weather. if you are living in a place that gets snow during the winter season, see to it that you have space to place them into.

Moving Day

Moving has become a normal aspect in life nowadays unlike in the past. There are several reasons why a person or a family moves to another location, but one thing is common about them, which is the stress of moving. Whether you like it or not, you are bound to get some major stress when moving from one house to another. The bad thing about this is the level of stress you get from moving is similar to the stress you get if there is a death in the family.


One thing that you can do, if you have kids, is to prepare the young ones. If you think moving is difficult for you, the children would feel it is more difficult for them because they lose their friends and the way of life that they got used to. See to it that before you even pack anything, the children understand why you have to move to another place. It may also help if you bring them in the new town so they would have an idea of the place and maybe even make new friends.


In terms of the move itself, it will always be best to have movers to help you out. Austin Texas moving information is available in the web so make use of it. Make sure, however, that you contact them before the day of the move. Believe it or not, some movers tend to forget they are supposed to help someone move. Calling them before moving day should save you all the trouble of calling another contractor because your old contractor forgot your job order.


Movers would naturally have insurance coverage, but keep in mind that they are limited. It would be best to contact your own insurance provider and make an arrangement with them so any problems that might occur will be shouldered by them.

Lock Problems

There are lots of reasons why you might want to look for a locksmith as soon as possible. For one, broken door locks can be quite a nuisance as it can lead to easy access for burglars or home owners having difficulty in getting into the house.


A common problem that all of us may have already faced is the door key does not work right. Normally, the first and most obvious thing to do is to check if the right key is used, but if you are already using the right key, you might need to do a couple of things with the lock cylinder. Spray a little graphite into the cylinder and try the key several times to lubricate it.


If the key turns but does not unlock the lock, disband the lock so you can be see the cam or tang if it is correctly engaged with the bolt. Change any busted parts and reassemble the lock.


Sometimes, weather plays a role with the locks. If it is too cold or snowing, it could freeze the lock up. It would be just a matter of heating the key and insert it gradually until you get it all inside. If all else fails, call locksmith NYC for help.