Monthly Archives: September 2012

Future Love Nest

So you’ve been asked that magic question “will you marry me?” and of course with a big answer “Yes!” ( I never really heard anyone I know say No..) Both of you might be dropping hints about the future and thank God it was received by him loud and clear. Not only he prepared you a dashing diamond engagement ring but also your future nest is being planned and in the works. Hows that for a perfect engagement gift.

What’s good about your fiancé is that  he didn’t just settle for any kind of your future home. He actually have one planned and even hired Interior Design to have its finishing touch with your perspective by the end of construction. You may also suggest having a good vapor for house by reading vapor intrusion guidance or checking for more info about this new house project vapor effect.

I think this is a better plan or option for couples getting married soon. Instead of just focusing with the engagement, a lavish and grand wedding, why not think about after the wedding. Think where you will bring home your lady and your future family.

We all know nothing beats the feeling of seeing and having the feeling to wear that diamond ring, but the best feeling is going home after your wedding to a place that’s for you both and you can call mine.