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Log Cabins before Snow

Log cabins are great all year long. With the comfortable look and the cozy interiors, you can easily get lost in the relaxing world that is the inside of the cabin. However, it is quite different when winter season comes. With the snow bringing its mass, it may be good to be prepared.


One thing that you can do if you are living in a log cabin is to check the whole house of the stain and finish of the logs to see if they are still functional. If you have a simply spray bottle with some water in it, you can use it to spray water on an area. If the water beads up and rolls off, you are good to go, if not, you need to do the paint job. Be on the lookout for some weathered gray or black spots and immediately take actions to have it fixed because it can give you great problems during snow.


Make sure that you scan the house for any cracks on the logs that face upwards. See to it that you are able to seal them so water and ice buildup will be prevented. The freeze thaw can do a great deal of damage and widen checks.

Decreasing Tax with Home Improvement

People would often get surprised when they found out that home improvement and taxes have a connection with each other. Home improvements and home repairs can have an impact to your tax deductibles on income taxes at the end of the year.


One free tax advice that professionals can tell you is that you can definitely get easier tax at the end of the year if you have done some improvements in your home, specifically on the energy efficiency of the house. Keep in mind, however, that tax credit do not simply lie on doing energy-efficient improvements.


A reminder to those who feel simply fixing stuff will get them the credit; home repair and home improvement are two entirely different things. Repair is simply fixing something broken, while improvement is making sure that everything is working fine and you are adding another factor so your home will be much better than before.


Home improvements for medical reasons can also help you garner some tax credits. A perfect example will be if a member in your household gets confined in a wheelchair and you decided to remodel the house to be wheelchair friendly, you can definitely get some tax credits at the end of the year. It is important, however, to make sure that you list down everything from materials to actions you have made to make sure you get the credit.

Pests and How to Get Rid of Them


Anywhere you go, the last thing that you would want to see is the site of some bugs crawling from all places, let alone your house. Of course, if you have children or pets inside the house, it may not be wisest idea to immediately use pesticides as they can have major effects on your children’s or pet’s health.

The very basic way to home pest control is to prevent them from coming in to your house in the first place. Most of the household pests that we know about are attracted to food and water. With this regard, it is very important to make sure you clean your kitchen well and take out the garbage regularly.


It would also be important to know which kind of infestation you have in your house. Keep in mind that not all bugs are created equal. Some of them may not react to the solution that you use to get rid of another bug.


The idea is to only use toxic chemicals when nothing is really working. See to it that you use pesticides as a last resort rather than the very first remedy that you immediately use to get rid of those pesky critters trying to live inside your home.

Your Doors, Your Locks, Your Safety

A home will never be complete without a door as it keeps our houses safe from any bad elements outside. This why it is only right to invest on good door locks to make sure that you are keeping yourself and your family from harm’s way and be safe always.


Naturally, there will still be some bad elements out there that would try to break into our homes and steal our belongings. Keep in mind that majority of break ins over the years have started with the front door locks being tinkered and broken. Yes, it is the most obvious part of the house to get through, but since they come into empty houses most of the time, they simply break the locks of your front doors to get in as it also prevents them from making noises that can alarm the neighbors.


uPVC door locks have been proven effective as they are made with great materials that keep other people from opening or breaking it. If you have the money, you might want to install mulitpoint door locks as they are created with the best materials so you and your belongings could stay safe from any bad elements out there.

Vinyl Window Maintenance Tips


If you’re looking for almost maintenance-free products for the exterior part of your house, vinyl windows and doors are the answers to your problem. Better make sure to find good vinyl window manufacturers because This material always comes in handy when it comes to cleaning but it they can get easily dirty too just like everything else such as your car when exposed to whether conditions.

Unlike car, that needs effort in cleaning, vinyl windows and frames only need some wiping for cleaning. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, strong rain can do the cleaning for you.


However, since we are maintaining our house, we need to have some measures on how to keep them clean at all times. Let’s begin with the first and the easiest way, by wiping. Through the use of a soft cloth or ordinary-handled soft bristle brush we can remove the dirt as easy as a pie. Now, for those hard to remove dirt and stains like grease, crayon doodling of your kids, and topsoil, it’s better to use the available household cleaners specifically intended for them. Do not use mildly abrasive cleaners such as Bon Ami and Ajax for they could result to damage or any negative effect on the surface of the glass and window frames. Also avoid cleansers with chlorine bleach, nail polish remover and grease remover.

Ventilation for big or small space

If you have a small home or even a large one, choose those small scale pieces that will not only save you more space but will be easier for you to move things around. Select furniture that will also give you storage and drawers where you can keep things in it and again saves space. Some homeowners prefers buying loveseats instead of one piece large sofas, again the purpose of this is to make things easier to move for you. Choose neutral colors that can be easily match to any wall paper or design.

But then again, in modern living and modern house style, it’s ok if you mix match things in any way you want as long the style is still in. As they say, don’t be afraid to experiment and be aggressive in designing. Find what works best and fits for your new abode.

With this kind of weather, here in tropical country, it is a must to have a good ventilation or if you have a budget you’ll go for air condition. AC repair fort worth repairs AC that works like a brand new one. Air conditioning Fort Worth knows this best since this is their specialty because the weather here is humid. When you have the small space, choose a small scale ac that will also help you save electricity. For bigger space, they say split types our energy savers too.

Contemporary Exterior Design


Outdoor designs can definitely give your home that unique look that you have always wanted, provided you do the right things. Going all contemporary on your designs can only give you great results as they would always look striking and pleasing to the eyes.


Modern patio furniture is available anywhere in the web and even in actual stores. You would find that those modern styles would give a lot of impact on the overall appearance of your house exterior.


If you are planning on buying a piece of furniture like a chaise lounge for stretching out your legs, for example, you might want to spend a lot of time testing it out first in the store before taking it. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable chaise lounge and that is basically what you need to avoid. The same idea applied when you buy modern sofa set.


Although let us face it… not everyone has a huge space for a patio or garden. If you are working with a small space, a bar table set would be more advisable than buying a full-sized table. At least with a bar set, you can still hold around four people for cocktail drinks or small meals.

Bathroom Designs Tips


There a lot of bathroom designs to choose from but since budget can be of constraint, we opt to do our own style. Keep in mind that an effective bathroom design should address all our needs. And if you want your bathroom to look stylish here are some tips.


When choosing for bathroom fixtures, go for elegant design. Nothing can be more pampering than staying in a classy tub with elegant fixtures all around you. Also, deeper tubs are better than bigger ones.

For flooring, always choose durable marble and stone tiles and then make it better with subfloor heating coils.


Mirrors are a must in the bathroom so be sure to hang a stylish one just above a ceramic sink.


Use the walls by mounting storage cabinets. Build a shower area by having a standard shower stall so that less water will be splashed within the bathroom floor. This shall also ensure a drier place outside the shower area.


In case of a back-to-back bathroom, better use a shared shower with access doors to maximize limited space.


If you have the means to afford luxury toilet go ahead. You can also pamper yourself with extended bathroom spa. And lastly, invest on good lighting.

Kitchen Design Tips


Surely everyone adores a well organized and tidy kitchen. It’s a representation of your personality and lifestyle. That’s why we do our best to maintain its good and organized appearance. One of the most important things to keep in mind with our kitchen is how to organize our stuff with limited space and yet still looks spacious for cooking and storing our food. There are some interior home designs or simply kitchen designs to follow when you want your kitchen to look appealing.

Use back-splashes, empty walls and ceiling space for additional storage. You can add some racks on them so you can hang kitchen utensils even pots. Another potential space for organization can be the back of your doors. You can also mount organizers for kitchen cleaners and other stuff on this.


Also, you have to avoid too many colors in your kitchen for it may seem to occupy too much space. Use glass instead of solid doors because glass can also add to the brightness of your kitchen thus making it look more spacious. Lastly, proper lighting makes it all look better even for a small kitchen. It can add up to the attractiveness of your cabinets, countertops and flooring.

Tips for Choosing Contemporary Sofa Beds


Equally important furniture in our home is sofa beds, (second to bed of course). Nowadays, finding the best contemporary sofa beds is never easier due to a lot of existing products in the market. Buyers are sometimes confused due to many choices presented.


Now let me present some helpful tips on how to get the best sofa bed for you.


When buying for a sofa bed, think highly of the quality rather than fabric selection.


Make sure that when you buy one, you check every inch and angle of it. First of all, check that the frame is not weak. It has to be sturdy and sits squarely on the floor. Next, make sure that when you check it from behind, your sofa is not hollow. There should also be no bumps or hard spots.


If you are opting for a reclining sofa such as a lazy boy or a sofa bed, check if all mechanisms work properly and smoothly.


If the sofa is made of metal, look out for sharp edges. This is not only important to avoid tearing but most of all to prevent injuries of your family members.


Lastly, cushion should fit snugly within the frame. It should be firm and regains its shape after pressing down.