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Crave Great Coffee?

Get it every time! There are all kinds of coffee makers – on demand, single cup, electric drip, French press and conventional to name a few, and all kinds of different results depending on what sort of coffee maker you use. If you want consistently good results your best bet is to go with what is known as an on demand or single serve coffee maker – the sort that takes K-Cup flavors or a similar type of coffee insert.


The reason to go with an on demand coffee maker is the results – they are consistently good because the guesswork is eliminated and all of the measurements are precisely calibrated to bring out the best in each and every brew. Like a conventional coffee maker, an on demand coffee maker has a reservoir for water and requires an electrical outlet but from there the differences are readily apparent.

The water reservoir typically holds up to six or eight cups of water but there is no carafe or coffee pot – instead you brew one cup or one serving at a time, directly into your own mug, cup, glass or travel mug. There is no coffee to scoop and measure out. Instead you use individually sealed coffee inserts in a format compatible with the machine. The inserts and the pre-determined amount of water merge and brew at the push of a button so you can enjoy a great cup of coffee in under a minute.

There is no pot or carafe to clean and no warmer to scorch the coffee; you brew only what you need at the precise moment you want it so there is much less waste of energy and resources.