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When Does Furniture Become Antique

1“Antique Furniture” is considered “Technically As A Piece Of Furniture With Its Special Value Due To Its Age” especially the valuable pieces which are embellished with the fine artistry of early times. They readily possess many different styles with distinguishing features. It brings the old-fashioned appearance and look to the house full of warmth and love. Antique Styled Furniture makes an impression on the neighbors and guests of an individual with unique antique designs which becomes the signature of aesthetic elegance and perfection. It should be made at least 100 years before it can be purchased that gives an overall decor of the house with different antique styles.

“Different Styles Of Antique Furniture”-
————————————- Furniture to be termed as “Antique” has to be at least 100 years old.The most notable Antique Styles are -
(1) “English Antique Furniture Style”-It is one of the most expensive and sought after which encompasses four main styles such as- Queen Anne Style,William And Mary Style,Hepplewhite Style And Chippendale Style.
“The Queen Anne Style” was one of the popular style from 1720 to 1750 that brought a sea change in the history of English Furniture.The bulky and heavy pieces were replaced by strong architectural moldings,curves and forms. During this period,the Secret Drawers were introduced and the principle wood was used for the Cherry,Walnut And Maple types of furniture.
“The William And Mary Style” was influenced by French,Dutch And Flemish Styles From 1690-1720 with various major characteristics like-Trumpet Legs (Turned),Upholstered Chairs And Oriental Lacquered Work. Crafting was seen in the Oak,Maple And Walnut furniture.
“Chippendale Style” Or “Georgian Furniture” were the most enduring type of furniture style that was influenced by Chinese And Gothic Styles and was originated in England In Late 1970′s that was named after Thomas Chippendale. His Famous Well Known Creations was “Rococo Style Furniture”.They were considered as the Basic English Furniture Styles Namely-
(a)”Georgian Chippendale”- This style was famous in late 18th Century by the usage of Mahogany Wood.It was described as an elaboration of Queen Anne with Ornate Carvings that included numerous themes of delicate and bold types comprising Rococo,Chinese,English And Intricate Chair Backs.
(b) “Georgian Adam And Georgian Hepplewhite” were other styles that were quite popular in late 18th century with numerous exclusive features.They can add a timeless classic beauty to the home because of their unique styling and elegant nature even today.
“Hepplewhite Styles” are readily characterized by using lighter woods of Chestnut,Satinwood,Sycamore with Oval and Heart Shaped Backs For Chairs,Tapered Legs with Covered Wood Inlay as their main features.
(2) “French Antique Furniture”- “French Renaissance Furniture,Louis Philippe And Louis XIII are the most notable styles of antique furniture with the carvings of mythological characters of Flowers And Birds are popular on Oak,Ebony And Walnut.It was greatly influenced by Italian And Gothic from early sixteenth century to early seventeenth century.

There are numerous wide range of 18th And 19th Century Antiques that are readily available even in the modern times which helps to decorate the house and the living area with all benefits. The living area can be made ethical by Antique Sofas, Antique Dining Chairs,Antique Armchairs And Stools.Antiques can be distinguished by their styles and methods of construction that gives an overwhelming interest in the subject that covers a broad area in every aspect.