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Zebra Cowhide Rugs – Beautiful & Exotic Rugs for Your Floor

When you want to make a bold, eclectic statement in your space, a beautiful zebra print cowhide rug may be the ideal solution. Zebras are widely known to have one of the most interesting and eye-catching designs on their hides and incorporating this incredible pattern into your space can have a striking visual effect on your overall décor. By taking a closer look at what these zebra print cowhide rugs can do for your space and how they can best be used for dramatic effect, you can maximize the benefits that they provide to your home.  Zebra print cowhides allow you to achieve the look of a zebra cowhide rug, while enjoying it with a crystal clear conscience, knowing none of these beautiful creatures were killed for your rug.

The Look of Zebra Skin

There are many types of animal skin hides that you can use as a floor covering. For example, sheep skin, natural cow skin and even reindeer skin are popular options. Zebra print cowhide rugs, however, are the only option that incorporates the striking, geometric pattern of this majestic animal’s recognizable hide into the space. In addition to incorporating the eye-catching and bold look of the black and white stripes into the space, these rugs also add the soft yet defined look of animal fur for an added tactile benefit.

How to Use Zebra Cow Skin in Your Home

Zebra rugs are most commonly used as a beautiful floor covering in rooms where a bold decorative statement is desired. These are not rugs that will blend into the décor, and instead, they will define the décor and even take it to a new level. This is a style of rug that looks amazing in modern and contemporary homes where bold colors are used, and it can also be dramatic in a room where the only black and white features in place are in the rug itself. While zebra print looks great in modern and contemporary homes, it also can look great in homes with a more natural or exotic look as well. Zebra cowhide is commonly used on the floor as a rug, but it can also be placed in a room as a throw over a chair or couch or even hung on the wall as a covering.

When you have the desire to dress your room up with a visually stimulating look, you may want to consider using zebra cowhide in your space. This is a bold and striking accent piece that actually may become a defining focal point of your home. Consider how you can incorporate the bold look of zebra print cowhide into your home to achieve the desired design effects that you want.

Zebra print cowhide rugs are available to buy from a wide variety of retailers online. They typically retail from around $275 upwards. We recommend visiting a reputable online retailer of cowhide rugs such as City Cows.