Artificial turf for my garden

Artificial-Grass-by-PoolEverything now can be artificial. Of course, there’s the non-existing artificial intelligence, there’s the hair, food, drinks, and now just what I need is the Artificial turf for my garden. I often see this and mistakenly considered as a real grass when I saw this on arenas and other sports field. I often wonder how they maintained the grass by trimming and irrigation that it looks so fine.
According to wiki, artificial turf was first used in a baseball league in replacement for the grass field since the stadium needs to be opened a year earlier and real grass didn’t grow well. Since then, other arenas and sports stadium considered using this turf, which is more manageable, and less maintenance. There were different kinds of artificial turf that came out and one that’s popular was Chemgrass which is now known as astro turf which has a limited amount of grass availability during that time. Now, turf is also used for dogs and even for dog shows. Some homeowners prefer this for their garden or even indoor display. There’s a carpet-like, overstock, used, and the most popular grass-like turf. You don’t need to water and trim these turfs. There’s no need to deal with muds, patches and dirt especially if you need this as a playground for your dogs or little ones. You can have your very green yard even inside your house. Some people use this as an accent to their patio or even to their bathroom or kitchen.
Imagine how easy to manage this turf compare to a real grass. Not only it is low-maintenance, it can be easily installed too. Some home depots may render service installation for bulk orders but if you are using this for home or for a small space, there are many easy steps to install and you can DIY for fun. My friend installed turf to her vacant lot beside her house and made it as her personal putting and voila! There goes her own golf green putting field. You just turned your old boring vacant lot to another level, which is more refreshing to your eyes. No need to visit your expensive golf club house every time you feel stressed since your own stress reliever is just at home. Artificial Turf Phoenix AZ offers custom designed installation that can fit any available space and can even give you step by step guide if you want to install it on your own. It is a big saving not just for your daily activity fee like a golf club but more saving for water and gardener fee. Again, it is easy to install and maintain just like learning your ABC. It helps homeowners maximize their home investment, improve quality of life and transform your home to greener space. There may be some trimming that is needed to fit smaller spaces and corners. The finishing may only need a few brushes using a rake or broom to fiber up and just simply rinse it with a garden hose or simply wipe off with a brush to make it look fresh and natural.
Some companies would recommend or offer their installation service especially for areas over 1000 square feet. I’m sure you will really love to take this offer, as large installations can be very labor intensive and not recommended for everyone especially for moms. Just give them a call and let them do the heavy lifting and putting.

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