eNot-Your-Average Bed Options

“Everything from the little house was in the wagon, except the beds and tables and chairs. They did not need to take these, because Pa could always make new ones.”Laura Ingalls Wilder.
The Ingalls family obviously did not feel the attachment to their beds that today’s modern man and woman feel. Whether it is a futon, cot, bunk bed, platform bed or canopy bed, finding a special place to lay your head is one of the keys to a peaceful night’s sleep.
In an attempt to lift their bodies from the hard, cold ground, some of the earliest platform framed beds were created by the early Egyptians who designed a wooden framework that was glued and lashed together. Today, if you are adventurous, you may choose to build your own bed, or purchase one from a furniture store instead. Sporting clean lines without a squeaky box spring, this type of bed follows the mantra that “less is more.”
Standing higher than its sister bed, the platform elevated bed follows the same clean-line principles, but allows for potential storage space underneath. Additionally, it lifts the dreamer higher off the ground, thus preventing any awkwardness when getting in or out of bed. Bedclothes also remain on the bed rather than dragging on the floor.

The final bed option is the canopy style bed. Taking many forms, this style provides security, privacy, and protection. Partial, fully enclosed, box and airy draping all offer th same benefits. Think about your purpose and select the style that works best for your room.
When it comes to sleep, personal choice and comfort reign supreme. Think outside the box with not-so-average bed options and sweet dreams!

Tips for Choosing Contemporary Sofa Beds


Equally important furniture in our home is sofa beds, (second to bed of course). Nowadays, finding the best contemporary sofa beds is never easier due to a lot of existing products in the market. Buyers are sometimes confused due to many choices presented.


Now let me present some helpful tips on how to get the best sofa bed for you.


When buying for a sofa bed, think highly of the quality rather than fabric selection.


Make sure that when you buy one, you check every inch and angle of it. First of all, check that the frame is not weak. It has to be sturdy and sits squarely on the floor. Next, make sure that when you check it from behind, your sofa is not hollow. There should also be no bumps or hard spots.


If you are opting for a reclining sofa such as a lazy boy or a sofa bed, check if all mechanisms work properly and smoothly.


If the sofa is made of metal, look out for sharp edges. This is not only important to avoid tearing but most of all to prevent injuries of your family members.


Lastly, cushion should fit snugly within the frame. It should be firm and regains its shape after pressing down.

Cheap Bunk Beds – Space Saving and Practical

Often there comes a time when we need to furnish a bedroom in a more practical fashion than we have previously needed to. This occurs especially when families grow and children come onto the scene. In these days of austerity it may not be practical or affordable to buy a bigger property, and you may be left with a smaller than average room in which you need to accommodate two young children. The answer is simple: invest in cheap bunk beds, the fun, practical and affordable answer to all your space saving needs!

Cheap bunk beds make great sense in more ways than one; by using the same floor space as a standard bed, but placing one above the other, you get twice the accommodation without using up valuable space, and you do so with very little outlay. This is why there are many cheap bunk beds on the market today from a wide selection of suppliers who have recognised the sheer practicality of this timeless design.

Another advantage of cheap bunk beds is that they come in a range of varied materials. We like the traditional wooden designs – particularly attractive in pine – and also the more modern metal framed versions which look excellent in a modern style room. You can also find themed bunk beds that add a little fun and originality to the room, and these can be very colourful and stylish too.

We also like the clever cheap bunk bed designs that incorporate a sitting or working area beneath the bed. These are great for older children and teenagers who might want to use the space below for a television or computer, and make a great investment in smaller homes. Cheap bunk beds are very much a welcome bonus for smaller properties, and with new build houses now skimping on open space it is no surprise they are becoming more popular.

The best way to find cheap bunk beds is to shop online as there are many designs to look at and you can get some excellent deals on the bed itself and delivery to your home.

Beds for the Kids

When buying a bed for your kid, it is always better to make sure that you buy bunk beds for them to make sure that their safety is in proper. Keep in mind, however, that it is not as easy as it sounds. You may be buying what you think is best, but then again, you are not the one who will be using it so you need to make sure that your child’s preference is also met along with the proper safety.


Bunk beds are naturally for small rooms, but can be good in large rooms as well. Measure your space, first and foremost, to make sure that you know you are not buying something too small or too big and just the right shape.


You also need to know which ones do you need and which ones are plainly for design purposes only. Buying a fancy bed is fine, but it needs to have the important safety features to make sure your kid will be fine. Study areas, storage, and play features are some more that you can consider before buying.


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