Bathroom Designs Tips


There a lot of bathroom designs to choose from but since budget can be of constraint, we opt to do our own style. Keep in mind that an effective bathroom design should address all our needs. And if you want your bathroom to look stylish here are some tips.


When choosing for bathroom fixtures, go for elegant design. Nothing can be more pampering than staying in a classy tub with elegant fixtures all around you. Also, deeper tubs are better than bigger ones.

For flooring, always choose durable marble and stone tiles and then make it better with subfloor heating coils.


Mirrors are a must in the bathroom so be sure to hang a stylish one just above a ceramic sink.


Use the walls by mounting storage cabinets. Build a shower area by having a standard shower stall so that less water will be splashed within the bathroom floor. This shall also ensure a drier place outside the shower area.


In case of a back-to-back bathroom, better use a shared shower with access doors to maximize limited space.


If you have the means to afford luxury toilet go ahead. You can also pamper yourself with extended bathroom spa. And lastly, invest on good lighting.