Garden Furniture and Garden Décor Tips


A simple garden or patio can definitely bring difference to your home. No matter how small or simple your garden or patio be, if they are designed properly with some nice garden décor, they can be transformed into an extraordinary masterpiece. There are simple ways on how to do it.


First, you have to check your space. If you will buy your garden furniture, do you think you would still have enough space to move and wander around. Also, think what kind of surface your furniture will be sitting. After that, then decide on your own theme. If you would like to have a comfy coffee and newspaper mornings

or extravagant dinner place for your guests.


Next, when choosing for outdoor furniture, make sure that it’s durable so it can stand the elements of nature and maintenance free. You can ask your dealer for specifications regarding this. Also make sure that your chair covers and pillows are stored inside your house to perverse its look and quality.


Lastly, if you will buy for an umbrella better go for lighter or neutral colors since they will probably fade older thus maintaining its color and quality. Bright colors are prone to fading since they are directly exposed to sunlight.

When Does Furniture Become Antique

1“Antique Furniture” is considered “Technically As A Piece Of Furniture With Its Special Value Due To Its Age” especially the valuable pieces which are embellished with the fine artistry of early times. They readily possess many different styles with distinguishing features. It brings the old-fashioned appearance and look to the house full of warmth and love. Antique Styled Furniture makes an impression on the neighbors and guests of an individual with unique antique designs which becomes the signature of aesthetic elegance and perfection. It should be made at least 100 years before it can be purchased that gives an overall decor of the house with different antique styles.

“Different Styles Of Antique Furniture”-
————————————- Furniture to be termed as “Antique” has to be at least 100 years old.The most notable Antique Styles are -
(1) “English Antique Furniture Style”-It is one of the most expensive and sought after which encompasses four main styles such as- Queen Anne Style,William And Mary Style,Hepplewhite Style And Chippendale Style.
“The Queen Anne Style” was one of the popular style from 1720 to 1750 that brought a sea change in the history of English Furniture.The bulky and heavy pieces were replaced by strong architectural moldings,curves and forms. During this period,the Secret Drawers were introduced and the principle wood was used for the Cherry,Walnut And Maple types of furniture.
“The William And Mary Style” was influenced by French,Dutch And Flemish Styles From 1690-1720 with various major characteristics like-Trumpet Legs (Turned),Upholstered Chairs And Oriental Lacquered Work. Crafting was seen in the Oak,Maple And Walnut furniture.
“Chippendale Style” Or “Georgian Furniture” were the most enduring type of furniture style that was influenced by Chinese And Gothic Styles and was originated in England In Late 1970′s that was named after Thomas Chippendale. His Famous Well Known Creations was “Rococo Style Furniture”.They were considered as the Basic English Furniture Styles Namely-
(a)”Georgian Chippendale”- This style was famous in late 18th Century by the usage of Mahogany Wood.It was described as an elaboration of Queen Anne with Ornate Carvings that included numerous themes of delicate and bold types comprising Rococo,Chinese,English And Intricate Chair Backs.
(b) “Georgian Adam And Georgian Hepplewhite” were other styles that were quite popular in late 18th century with numerous exclusive features.They can add a timeless classic beauty to the home because of their unique styling and elegant nature even today.
“Hepplewhite Styles” are readily characterized by using lighter woods of Chestnut,Satinwood,Sycamore with Oval and Heart Shaped Backs For Chairs,Tapered Legs with Covered Wood Inlay as their main features.
(2) “French Antique Furniture”- “French Renaissance Furniture,Louis Philippe And Louis XIII are the most notable styles of antique furniture with the carvings of mythological characters of Flowers And Birds are popular on Oak,Ebony And Walnut.It was greatly influenced by Italian And Gothic from early sixteenth century to early seventeenth century.

There are numerous wide range of 18th And 19th Century Antiques that are readily available even in the modern times which helps to decorate the house and the living area with all benefits. The living area can be made ethical by Antique Sofas, Antique Dining Chairs,Antique Armchairs And Stools.Antiques can be distinguished by their styles and methods of construction that gives an overwhelming interest in the subject that covers a broad area in every aspect.

Tips for Choosing Contemporary Sofa Beds


Equally important furniture in our home is sofa beds, (second to bed of course). Nowadays, finding the best contemporary sofa beds is never easier due to a lot of existing products in the market. Buyers are sometimes confused due to many choices presented.


Now let me present some helpful tips on how to get the best sofa bed for you.


When buying for a sofa bed, think highly of the quality rather than fabric selection.


Make sure that when you buy one, you check every inch and angle of it. First of all, check that the frame is not weak. It has to be sturdy and sits squarely on the floor. Next, make sure that when you check it from behind, your sofa is not hollow. There should also be no bumps or hard spots.


If you are opting for a reclining sofa such as a lazy boy or a sofa bed, check if all mechanisms work properly and smoothly.


If the sofa is made of metal, look out for sharp edges. This is not only important to avoid tearing but most of all to prevent injuries of your family members.


Lastly, cushion should fit snugly within the frame. It should be firm and regains its shape after pressing down.

From Old to Modern

Going old fashioned on your home design is nice, but if you truly intend to show your creativity towards your friends, modern style is always the way to go. It simply shows your fun and creative style by mixing and matching several shapes and colors together, whereas in the old fashioned look, you simply follow patterns.


Others enjoy the modern furniture by mixing together a design theme using specific colors or shapes to show their one-of-a-kind creativity. When using contemporary furniture, you can enjoy decorating a home that moves away from the traditional patterns, and it easily gives you and the space its own character.


While getting all modern is becoming a trend, it is still important that you know your stuff before deciding on taking a particular style. Keep in mind that not all modern sofa goes well with other modern fixtures so see to it that you have total control over your setup.


The combination of colors is always important. Never mix two colors that do not really go well together. You are not trying to be unique, but chic so make sure that you have the right ones according to the normal trend of things so you will not look too different.

Kid’s Love For Theme Based Furniture

When parents think of designing their kid’s room, they at times fail to judge the themes that are quite desired by their kids. They at times try putting their imagination into work thus creating out something which might be quite good and complete but might be something which doesn’t match with their dreams and imaginations. Always try getting things into act that are quite stunning in looks and something that are highlighted using bright borders and outlines that attracts their attention and feel like living in a dream world of their own. With wall themes and decors, furniture range must also go with the theme or it might look incomplete. There are a range of store options for decors in refer to kids furniture Toronto, that provide you array of options to choose from theme specific furniture range for a kid’s room upgradation.


Themes that quite attract the art shoppe kids are the cartoon based themes. Every kid averagely crave for cartoon figures. So with walls of the room having a light coloured background behind cartoon life size murals can create the magic. There are furniture options too that are customised to match with their respective cartoon figures. Jungle theme are also quite in demand among kids. The walls can have darker shades with the room filled with trees and jungle grass patterns and have toy animals. There are furniture and bed options that are curved with a animal outline. Kids love them. The other theme options are sea based and traveller based. You can quite easily get furniture that is in contrast to these themes.

Working the Small Spaces

Most people living in the city are living in condominiums. There is nothing wrong with that because some people cannot afford to get a house and lot while others are doing it for the convenience of living near work.


One thing, however, when living in a condo unit is the limit of space that you get. Not everyone has the ability to get a big condo unit, which means space is a bounded commodity. Although, some people still prefer buying their condo furniture, but because of limited space, some end up cramming stuff together and making the condo unit even smaller.


Naturally, the best way to do it is to know the measurements of your place first. You do not want to buy something oversized that you do not have enough breathing room inside your home. Remember, homes are supposed to be the place where you relax and be yourself. If the mere sight of your home is taxing, you are bound to not like going home at all.


The Brick is actually a good manufacturer of good furniture. They have all shapes and sized to choose from so you can easily manipulate the available space inside your condo unit.

Buying Garden Furniture

Wood garden furniture are great, but before going out to stores or browsing for web sites to buy some, make sure that you have a good idea on where it would have to go. While wooden garden furniture look great, you simply do not buy it because it is beautiful. Make sure that you can actually use it or it will look good together with the overall theme of your garden.


Consider where you are putting it because it will determine if you truly need it or would it simply be a clutter in your garden.


Knowing the measurement is also important to make sure that you can maximize everything inside your garden. If you are buying some wooden tables, see to it that you are able to plan it well because putting something too big or too small will not help your cause. Remember that the chairs that go with the table will also take up some spaces so better include that in the measurements.


If you are going to need umbrellas, make sure you choose the ones with lighter or neutral colors to avoid fading of shades of whatever bright color you choose.


Lastly, always consider the weather. if you are living in a place that gets snow during the winter season, see to it that you have space to place them into.