Artificial turf for my garden

Artificial-Grass-by-PoolEverything now can be artificial. Of course, there’s the non-existing artificial intelligence, there’s the hair, food, drinks, and now just what I need is the Artificial turf for my garden. I often see this and mistakenly considered as a real grass when I saw this on arenas and other sports field. I often wonder how they maintained the grass by trimming and irrigation that it looks so fine.
According to wiki, artificial turf was first used in a baseball league in replacement for the grass field since the stadium needs to be opened a year earlier and real grass didn’t grow well. Since then, other arenas and sports stadium considered using this turf, which is more manageable, and less maintenance. There were different kinds of artificial turf that came out and one that’s popular was Chemgrass which is now known as astro turf which has a limited amount of grass availability during that time. Now, turf is also used for dogs and even for dog shows. Some homeowners prefer this for their garden or even indoor display. There’s a carpet-like, overstock, used, and the most popular grass-like turf. You don’t need to water and trim these turfs. There’s no need to deal with muds, patches and dirt especially if you need this as a playground for your dogs or little ones. You can have your very green yard even inside your house. Some people use this as an accent to their patio or even to their bathroom or kitchen.
Imagine how easy to manage this turf compare to a real grass. Not only it is low-maintenance, it can be easily installed too. Some home depots may render service installation for bulk orders but if you are using this for home or for a small space, there are many easy steps to install and you can DIY for fun. My friend installed turf to her vacant lot beside her house and made it as her personal putting and voila! There goes her own golf green putting field. You just turned your old boring vacant lot to another level, which is more refreshing to your eyes. No need to visit your expensive golf club house every time you feel stressed since your own stress reliever is just at home. Artificial Turf Phoenix AZ offers custom designed installation that can fit any available space and can even give you step by step guide if you want to install it on your own. It is a big saving not just for your daily activity fee like a golf club but more saving for water and gardener fee. Again, it is easy to install and maintain just like learning your ABC. It helps homeowners maximize their home investment, improve quality of life and transform your home to greener space. There may be some trimming that is needed to fit smaller spaces and corners. The finishing may only need a few brushes using a rake or broom to fiber up and just simply rinse it with a garden hose or simply wipe off with a brush to make it look fresh and natural.
Some companies would recommend or offer their installation service especially for areas over 1000 square feet. I’m sure you will really love to take this offer, as large installations can be very labor intensive and not recommended for everyone especially for moms. Just give them a call and let them do the heavy lifting and putting.

Artificial Turf Installation

A few months ago we were tasked to reconstruct our football field in school so we formed a committee to handle all the tasks. The problem with the football field is it’s now just all sand and dirt. When it rains, the whole football field is covered in mud so it makes it impossible for the students to play. Initially our choices for grass are bluegrass, fescue and perennial ryegrass but we realized that it’s very expensive as the school can’t afford it as of the moment.

We then chose to use artificial turf instead as suggested to us by a former alumnus of the school. It is made of polyethylene plastic grass and rubber from old tires.

Some of the advantages of artificial turf are:

  • It cheaper and with low maintenance cost
  • No need for pesticides
  • More durable than ordinary grass
  • Nice playing surface
  • No need for water

So far everything went well and we are all quite happy with the outcome. We were even commended by our school principal for all our effort. The new and improved football field was also featured in our school newspaper.

To help other people and to share the knowledge, we’ve create this post to help home and garden enthusiast with their effort in beautifying their home.

Here it is. Enjoy!

artificial turf

Want to have that garden feel for your home? Do you think it’s too expensive? Not anymore! You can install synthetic artificial turf to have that green lawn feel on your outdoor space. Its advantage is that it requires lesser maintenance and you can do it by yourself – it’s fairly easy to do. In fact, even someone who doesn’t have much experience in gardening can easily do it. Before getting your hands into the dirt, be sure to take not of all necessary precautions.

Here’s a list of the materials and tools that you would need:

  • artificial turf-
  • turf cutter
  • wheelbarrow – Target always has the widest choice for different wheelbarrow.
  • knife – check kitchen.
  • coarse broom
  • sand
  • crushed stones – got mine from online gardening site.
  • flat board
  • adhesives
  • level
  • hammer
  • nails
  • silica sand – also from target
  • lawn seed spreader— well this one is easy to find if you know your resources…try Japan stores or Chinese stores.

If you don’t have artificial turf yet you can order from Phoenix Artificial Turf

STEP1: Remove Exisiting Turf. The first thing you’ll have to do is remove existing turf in your lawn. Clear up the soil around 1 ½ inches deep and make sure that no grass or any other plant, weed or root will be left. Remove everything as much as possible, do not rush it or you will see the outcome in a month where you see other grass or weeds starting to show up.

STEP2: Install a Weed barrier. This is very important. Be sure to protect your turf from weeds that may grow. You can use a weed suppressing sheet and cut it in shape for your lawn.

STEP3: Cover the turf with some layer of sand and stones. This layer would provide some support so make sure that it is firm. Don’t forget to level the surface using a plank and a level.

STEP4: Lay Down the Turf. Artificial turf is usually delivered in rolls so it somehow holds an odd shape. Turf should be rolled out for at least a couple of hours before rolling it. This makes it easier to work with.

STEP5: Ensure Grass is aligned. Straighten the grass against the edge by all means. Push the artificial turf going to the corner to prevent further movement. Make sure to straighten it perfectly or you will lose the foundation of your turf and the outcome may not look good.

STEP6. Secure the Turf. Upon laying down the turf, it’s now time to secure it to the base. Trim the edges and connect all sections. Use 40D nails in securing the base. Ensure a distance of 3 to 4 inches between each nail.

STEP7. Apply Silica Sand. Apply a thin layer of silica sand to your artificial turf to avoid the grass from moving. You can use a spreader so that silica sand is spread out evenly. Carefully Brush the sand using a coarse broom.



Garden Furniture and Garden Décor Tips


A simple garden or patio can definitely bring difference to your home. No matter how small or simple your garden or patio be, if they are designed properly with some nice garden décor, they can be transformed into an extraordinary masterpiece. There are simple ways on how to do it.


First, you have to check your space. If you will buy your garden furniture, do you think you would still have enough space to move and wander around. Also, think what kind of surface your furniture will be sitting. After that, then decide on your own theme. If you would like to have a comfy coffee and newspaper mornings

or extravagant dinner place for your guests.


Next, when choosing for outdoor furniture, make sure that it’s durable so it can stand the elements of nature and maintenance free. You can ask your dealer for specifications regarding this. Also make sure that your chair covers and pillows are stored inside your house to perverse its look and quality.


Lastly, if you will buy for an umbrella better go for lighter or neutral colors since they will probably fade older thus maintaining its color and quality. Bright colors are prone to fading since they are directly exposed to sunlight.

Magnolia Tree

Magnolia Tree

A magnolia tree in bloom is a wonderful sight to see. Standing large and tall, the magnolia is a specimen of grandeur, boasting beautiful blooms and lush foliage. Found in parts of Asia and the Americas, there exists a number of different species of magnolia trees that vary in flower shape, size and color. Magnolia trees are abundant in nature, but are also available for cultivation and landscaping design. These large, historic trees offer shade and gives the area around it a perfumed scent during the spring and summer seasons.

Origins of the Magnolia

First named by French botanist Pierre Magnol, the tree is an ancient plant. The beautiful, large blossoms that grace the limbs of the tree are thanks to the tree evolving before the existence of bees. Before bees, beetles would pollinate the plants. This meant that the flowers needed to be strong enough to withstand the weight and damage inflicted by the beetles. Today, the large flowers survive in many different forms. Typically, the flowers range from a white hue to a deep, rich pink color that is vibrant against the green foliage. The trees stand an average of twenty to fifty feet tall, depending on species, and bloom once a year. The flowers are fragrant and musty, giving the magnolia a distinct smell.

There are over two hundred different species of magnolia trees split up into two major groups. The first of the two is an evergreen group that is typically found in the Americas. The magnolia tree is especially prominent in the Southern United States. Featured in cinema and literature, the plant has an air of notoriety. It is the state flower of Mississippi. In Asia, the magnolia offers its properties to ancient Chinese medicine practices. The bark and flowers are used to combat bacteria and even have anti-anxiety properties.

Adding Magnolia To Landscaping

A magnolia tree is a large organism that needs space to grow and flourish. Adding a magnolia to landscaping is challenging, but rewards the gardener with a source of beauty. The tall and thick foliage of magnolia trees make for excellent nesting conditions for both birds and insects, making the tree an ecosystem in and of itself. Many species of moths are drawn to the magnolia, so that should be considered when designing a landscaping scheme. The tree is best used as a cornerstone or center piece of a landscaping project, leaving room and sunlight around it for smaller plants and flowers.

The magnolia is a magnificent example of the tremendous power and beauty nature has to offer. If you are interested in the Magnolia tree for your garden, you should also consider a miniature size of this tree – a Magnolia Bonsai Tree. There are so many different species of magnolia from which to choose, it is simple to add this giant beauty to any environment. Wide spread cultivation is very popular in Europe, with the species taking center stage in many public parks and gardens. With or without blooms, the magnolia offers a picturesque and resourceful garden resident. Sitting beneath a magnolia, listening to young birds chirping, while breathing in the perfumed air is a perfect way to relax and enjoy the world.

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Gifting lawn care

Buying gifts from can be fun provided you do not have to shell out too much of time from your hectic schedule. Gifts from Noon Turf Care can also be purchased at the web stores and sent to those you intend sending them. All that you need do is select the specific gift items and provide the contact address and email address of the person to receive the gift.

Online suppliers, accordingly ensure that the lawn care gift items reach the concerned person in the earliest time possible and that too in a safe and secure condition. You could be located in any part of the globe and yet an order for the gift can be placed for any person located at another destination. All that has to be paid is the related charge or expense incurred for the delivery. While shopping on the web, there is no need to carry hard cash around.

It is a bit risky trying to carry lots of cash and shop around. But in internet shopping at there is no need to worry about this since only online payments for Noon Turf Care are accepted at the web shops. This is indeed a great convenience offered in web shopping for lawn care.

Top benefits of using the Steel Posts in place of wooden one

While setting up the most durable and long term vineyard trellis, one should always think of using the metal posts for the support. No doubt, it has been the reign of wood posts but now you can get a wide variety of post materials that are used for construction. Steel Posts are now commonly used but it does not mean that the days of wooden posts are over. It is the matter of inherent advantages of using the metal end posts in your vineyard. It will simply help you ensure the safety, rigidity and strength of the fenced wires that are there to increase the overall harvest.

People use the latest Steel Posts in their orchards and vineyards because they get free of the rotting process of wood or even rust. The second benefit is about the huge support which the steel metal offers a great support to the lengthy and heavy fenced wires from one end to another. Apart from it, the posts made of steel are resistant against the chemical inputs, atmospheric agents and wind gusts. Moreover, the metal posts are less damaged when mechanically hit by some equipment like tractors or the harvester as compared to the woods.

Create a miniature paradise within your own back garden

Summer is fast approaching and many people all across the UK are anticipating the sun that will also come with summertime. It is at this time of year when many people start preparing their gardens. If a garden looks beautiful then it will be more enjoyable to relax in and will provide the perfect retreat during hot summer days. There are many ways in which to improve a garden and get it ready for the summer months up ahead.

The first way in which to do this is through gardening! Many people do not feel that they have the knowledge or the know how to embark on gardening projects but these days there is a wealth of information available, particularly through the internet and most garden centres and DIY stores. Such places will give detailed instructions of what plants should be planted at this time of year and how they need to be planted. By doing this, any homeowner can ensure that come summertime, their garden will truly be a miniature paradise to enjoy!

However, a miniature paradise is useless if there is no way in which to admire and enjoy it. Therefore, another way in which to prepare the garden ready for summertime is by investing in rattan garden furniture. Rattan is a type of palm that is woven to create stylish and beautiful garden furniture sets that come in many differing styles, colours and weaves. This type of furniture is very hard-wearing, durable and low maintenance making it the ideal type of furniture for the garden or patio area. patio furniture allows a homeowner to fully appreciate the joys of the garden and all of the hard work that has gone into it during the summer months. Moreover, any type of garden furniture set will dramatically improve the look and atmosphere of any home. Investing in such furniture now may mean that householders can purchase their furniture for reasonable prices before the summer rush begins. Planning ahead means that come summertime, any garden will be beautiful and will be ready to appreciate in all its bright glory!

Buying Garden Furniture

Wood garden furniture are great, but before going out to stores or browsing for web sites to buy some, make sure that you have a good idea on where it would have to go. While wooden garden furniture look great, you simply do not buy it because it is beautiful. Make sure that you can actually use it or it will look good together with the overall theme of your garden.


Consider where you are putting it because it will determine if you truly need it or would it simply be a clutter in your garden.


Knowing the measurement is also important to make sure that you can maximize everything inside your garden. If you are buying some wooden tables, see to it that you are able to plan it well because putting something too big or too small will not help your cause. Remember that the chairs that go with the table will also take up some spaces so better include that in the measurements.


If you are going to need umbrellas, make sure you choose the ones with lighter or neutral colors to avoid fading of shades of whatever bright color you choose.


Lastly, always consider the weather. if you are living in a place that gets snow during the winter season, see to it that you have space to place them into.