Windows Saving

Windows can be more than just design inside the house, you can also use it to save energy. Keep in mind that depending on the weather, you can adjust your window to become your source of heat, cold, and light.


During the cold seasons, it is best to install tight fitting, insulating window shades to make sure that no cold breeze would come into the house, letting your heater work lighter and save you energy in the process. Putting up curtains should also protect you from cold drafts, while opening them during the day so you can get the sunlight in.


During the warm seasons, it would be best to use window shades, drapes, or blinds with the color white so you can deflect heat from the house. You can also use sun control or reflective films to reduce solar heat gain. This should help you with energy saving from using the air conditioner too much.


Speaking of saving, your computer needs to have some sort of backup to make sure that you do not lose any files or important documents. Windows backup via third party provider is now available to make sure that you do not lose anything from your PC.


The computer industry is no longer a monopolized market run by Microsoft; however, they continue to have the majority of the world in sales and usage so it is only right to backup your Windows to make sure that nothing in your current settings will be lost.


While it is true that Windows do backups themselves; however, the risk is when the hard drive crashes, you cannot retrieve any files. Getting a third party provider will be much safer. Using a third party provider easily lets you get your data even if your hard drive gets the worse kind of corruption.