Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Window Maintenance Tips


If you’re looking for almost maintenance-free products for the exterior part of your house, vinyl windows and doors are the answers to your problem. Better make sure to find good vinyl window manufacturers because This material always comes in handy when it comes to cleaning but it they can get easily dirty too just like everything else such as your car when exposed to whether conditions.

Unlike car, that needs effort in cleaning, vinyl windows and frames only need some wiping for cleaning. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, strong rain can do the cleaning for you.


However, since we are maintaining our house, we need to have some measures on how to keep them clean at all times. Let’s begin with the first and the easiest way, by wiping. Through the use of a soft cloth or ordinary-handled soft bristle brush we can remove the dirt as easy as a pie. Now, for those hard to remove dirt and stains like grease, crayon doodling of your kids, and topsoil, it’s better to use the available household cleaners specifically intended for them. Do not use mildly abrasive cleaners such as Bon Ami and Ajax for they could result to damage or any negative effect on the surface of the glass and window frames. Also avoid cleansers with chlorine bleach, nail polish remover and grease remover.