Wine Storage

Adding Wine Storage to Your Home

If you are a wine connoisseur, you may feel ready to move from storing your wine in simple racks in your kitchen to a more sophisticated method of storage. Installing wine refrigerators in your basement is an ideal solution. There are many considerations before you can begin the installation process, but it is often a more simple task than you may think. Quite often the task requires few tools, such as a simple hot knife or electric screwdriver.


There are 24-bottle refrigerators available, as well as wine refrigerators with both smaller and larger capacities, allowing you to find one that easily holds your entire wine collection and provides you with extra space. Wine interior lighting refrigerators are available as well

When you begin the installation process, you must first make a decision about where to place the refrigerator. You may wish to install it underneath the bar area or against a wall. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer; however, in many cases, you can install the refrigerator with household tools like a hot soldering iron and knife.

With careful choice of product and installation, you can become the proud owner of a wine refrigerator and be the envy of friends and family. You can now store more wine and keep it at the ready to share with anyone who may drop by for a drink.