Running the errands

heating repairHow was your weekend? Well, for me it was all planned out since last week that I will have my RnR or even a “Me Time” but it turned out the opposite. I guess being a mom will give your RnR or Me Time a different meaning. On my list then was a spa in the morning, some relaxation at the salon, manicure and pedicure treatment plus footspa for my pitiful toes and legs since last week was mainly about running, like literally running the errands to and fro. I am not complaining though as what I always state wen I blog about mommyhood. It just that sometimes, you will still look for that time where you can pamper yourself but I think that’s just a cliche now. Looking myself in the mirrow, taking a nap is now a luxury for me. But all is well, this is how I spent it and I’m glad I did.

I went to the grocery today to buy some house stuff and dropped by also at the department store to check what’s new for my home especially for this Christmas Season. I saw the home section and made me drool my eyes over the lamps, wall stickers, flowers, vases and Christmas Decors. I also like that my favorite scented candles, oils, incense are on great discount.

But what really got into me are the promotions they have for heating repair. You know how I badly need this. Just before the Spring this year started, my heater suddenly gave up on me. I heard some drilling sound before it finally shut off. I don’t have the time to have it fix after summer and now that autumn is almost over and its starting to freeze again. I just can’t have it replaced like that knowing how much it would have me cost again to buy a brand new one plus the installation again. I really like I discovered this ad at the supermarket and checked on their website right away. My heater is just 6 years old so I’m sure they can find ways to fix it maybe just some cleaning or mechanical problems in it. My brother who has a little knowledge with this said that the compressor is still working fine which I think sounds good to me. He told me that their company hired someone from this company who repaired their heater and air-conditioner and it was working like a brand new one. On the first company they consulted advise them to have it replaced, good thing that they have opt for a second opinion and got to know this reputable company heating repair Tempe AZ. I will give them a call by tomorrow because as early as now the temperature is dropping.

It was never my plan to look for a repair for my heater and air-conditioner, I really like that I bumped into this ad. It made me check this must to do list but I should have done a long time ago. I asked the lady from the mall who’s giving out this ads if how long I should wait for a technician to arrive at home. She told me that they dispatch right away as soon as there is an available technician so I have to book my appointment with them now because this is their peak season. I will sure save their info and have my heater maintained as often as possible. The cold is killing me and I can’t afford to buy a new heater. Not now, especially the Thanksgiving is coming plus the sales and discounts that goes with it.

Did someone say Thanksgiving? Black Friday? Oh, I can’t wait! The reason why I’m here at the supermarket is to look for cheaper rates that I need for the dinner because I’m sure after the Thanksgiving, everything will increase for Christmas. Well, I hope not.

So have you started making your list? Make sure to check them twice.. I haven’t started with my Christmas shopping yet but I hope I can finis it by end of November because I just don’t like the Holiday madness and traffic we have during this season. Not that I’m a pooper but I just can’t really stand the crowd and the traffic, of course, Black Friday is an exemption.

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