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I have this cousin of mine who I met a couple of days ago at a restaurant here in our place. It has been a while since we last met so we really had a lot of stories and problems to share. He was with this lovely wife and two beautiful kids. One thing he was asking advice for is his problem with his home in Birmingham. He mentioned that he and his family are having problems in keeping his home warm because their boiler just broke and that the insulation of their wall is not good enough. Problem is, they are also on a tight budget and they can’t afford a new heating system for their home. I mentioned that he could apply for affordable warmth loft insulation grants. I heard it on the news a few months back. I just want to share it to everyone especially to those having the same problem. Check out what I found. Hope it helps.

Having problems keeping your home warm? Do you have any affordable warmth scheme questions? Take a look at some of these tips below to learn more about it and to see if you qualify for this scheme.

They use the term Affordable Warmth for Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation. They obliged energy suppliers in the UK to improve the energy efficiency for the homes of low income earners.

Answer to affordable warmth grants questions:

This is a financial support system for homes in the UK to improve their wall insulation, loft and crappy boilers. Isn’t that great? You’d get a warmer and healthier home for you and your family at a more affordable price, cheaper electricity bills and easier terms of payment.

How would you know if you are available for these Home Insulation Grants? Here are the requirements:

  • You receive Pension Credit
  • You receive Child tax credit
  • Have an income less than £15,860

If you don’t qualify with any of these, don’t you worry there is another option for you and it is called the Green Deal. It provides a finance option to install energy saving measures in your home.